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The following notes document all items included in Sprint 23.

Template Search - Frequent Search Requests (known as Favourites on Classic)

Sourcing Brain now contains the ability to set up some standard default searches for different sources that you may carry out on a regular basis. This saves time in applying the same filters every time.

The Favourites function is available from the tool bar on the top right hand side. The Favourites can all be set from the Sourcing tab.

There are three default Favourite searches that have been compiled, with the ability to add in a further seven to the library of searches. The default searches cannot be deleted.

To create a new Favourite, select all of the filters that should be included first. These can be chosen from all of the tabs of information available. Click on Create New Favourite and observe the filter summary. Ensure that all filters are selected as required and enter a name for the Saved Filter. Click OK to save it as a Favourite Search.

Within the list of Favourite Searches, click on the ‘I’ to see a summary of the filters applied.

The Favourite Searches created by the user can also be deleted by clicking on the Organise favourites option. This takes the user to the Settings function where there is the ability to see a summary of the filters and delete Favourites if no longer required.

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User config for column ordering, column display selection and column printing (part 2 of 4 - scheme list)

This is part 2 of 4 PBI's to implement the requirements to allow the user to configure their own order for column ordering, column display selection and column printing. This part covers the Customising the scheme list print columns only.

From within the Settings function, the Results Column Order tab allows the ability to reorder the column order of the scheme list. By selecting Move Columns, the columns can be moved up and down the list allowing each individual to customise their priority listing. To apply the new order, the user will be required to click OK and then restart Sourcing Brain.

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Additional tooltips created for column headings

To aid the explanation of the functions within Sourcing Brain, a number of additional tool tips have been added which are displayed when hovering over the button or column heading.

Better navigation of Help text

The Help information and format has been extended and improved to provide a more comprehensive library of help together with a clearer navigation of this information. All of the Help can be accessed from selecting the ? from any area, or from selecting the Help text from the Settings function.

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