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Teams will allow you to have an overview of all users we've identified from your firm that are using Criteria Brain and allow team managers to manage the team members.

A team can have one or more manager and once a team has been set up, you will be able to take advantage of our team plans that offer great discounts on the standard individual license fee.

This article will explain the steps you need to follow in order to set up your team on Criteria Brain.

You can begin this process when you have logged in at least once and completed the first step.

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Creating a Team

From the Dashboard click the red button 'Create a Team'.

Please note: if someone has already set up your team this option will not appear. If you think you should have management access get in touch with us on 01394 330840 and we can add you as an additional administrator.

There are two ways to set up your team depending upon if we have whitelisted your email extension (the part) or not. If your email address matches the whitelisted domain you can effectively self-certify your request. However, if it doesn't match you can still submit the request but we will need to give you a quick call to complete the process (or you can call us).

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If your email domain is whitelisted

Click on Get Started to begin creating your team.

To confirm you are going to be the person managing the team click 'Yes'.

Confirm your firm name and FCA number is correct, click 'Complete Setup'

Congratulations, you've set up your team!

If you're not the person who will be managing the team click 'No'.

You will then be able to provide the name and contact detail for the person we should contact.

Thank you! We'll be in touch shortly with the next steps.

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If your email domain is not whitelisted

Enter the details of the person who we can contact (this can be yourself) to complete the set up (you can call us if you're in a hurry on 01394 330840).

Thanks we'll be in touch shortly.

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Once team set up is complete

This screen is where you can manage your team and begin inviting your colleagues. You can invite your team members by inputting their First Name, Surname and email address below. This will send them an email invitation to join your Criteria Brain team.

This completes the process of setting up a team, to learn to more about team plans and managing your team read our articles on Selecting a team plan and Managing your team

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Managing Your Team

Inviting team members

To invite additional users to join your Criteria Brain team, following the below steps is the best method to use.

Enter the new user First Name, Surname and Email address into the Invite Team Members section on the 'Team' tab at the top of the dashboard.

This will send an email to the new user inviting them to join the firm's team on Criteria Brain.

Once the user clicks the email link, they will be given access to the platform and part of the team.

Whilst waiting for new users to accept their invitations, you will see the pending invitations on your team page. You can revoke an invitation by clicking on the orange button next to the users name.

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Who's on your team?

In the Team Members section you will see all users in your team with an active Criteria Brain account. There is no limit to the number of users you can have in your team.

You can have additional team managers which will show in Team Admin(s). As a reminder, team managers can complete all the actions detailed within this help sheet.

To upgrade a team member to a Team Manager, you will need to contact us on or 01394 330840 for us to action your request.

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Deactivating Users

If a team member leaves the firm or no longer requires access to Criteria Brain, you are able to deactivate their account. To make the user inactive simply click on the red Deactivate button by their name. This will instantly close their account and move them into the 'Deactivated Users' section at the bottom of the Team page.

If this button is clicked by mistake or they require access later down the line, you can easily reactivate their account by clicking the green Reactive account button.

Team Stats

As a Team Manager, you are able to see your team's activity on the platform.

At the top of the dashboard you will see Team - Team Stats

For each team member you can see their number of:

  • Logins

  • Compare Searches

  • Browse by Lender Searches

  • Multi-Searches

  • ICR Searches

  • Dashboard

This data can be exported as a pdf and either printed or saved to your computer.

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