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The Settings Function

Sourcing Brain provides the ability to customise certain areas of the software. The Settings function can be found under the Profile icon, as shown.

NOTE: Some brokers who are Appointed Representative may have some functionality preset by compliance departments. Please check with your organisation for further clarification.

This customisation includes such items as Lender panel setup; Column order and column display (within the scheme results window); Print options, allowing columns and selected number of schemes to be printed on one page; Product Selection Report column selection and many more settings as detailed below.

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Settings – Default Values

The first tab allows the setting of a variety of filters found throughout the software. For further explanations on the areas that can be preset, please read the Help text.

Once the changes have been set, click OK. You will need to log out and log back into Sourcing Brain for your changes to take effect.

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Settings – Custom Lender Panels

If you have the ability to decide on which lenders you wish to source on, then this is area where you can set and control your own lender panels.

When you first enter this screen, you will need to click on Add to display the list of lenders which you can then start to include into your custom panel/s.

Enter a description for your custom panel and then select the lenders by checking the box adjacent to the lender name. There is the ability to create a number of different lender panels of your choice. Remember to press Save after the creation of each one.

When you have finished creating the panels, click OK. You will need to log out and log back in for the changes to be applied. There is also the option to set any custom panels to become the default lender panel by using the Default Values tab, shown above.

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Settings – Results Column Order and Printing

This tab allows you to decide on which columns you wish to be displayed on the scheme list and in which order. It also allows you to choose which columns you wish to print if printing from the results screen.

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Results Column Order

To select the column order, use the checkboxes to hide the columns you don’t wish to view and the Move Columns button to decide in which order you would like the columns to be displayed in. Best practice is to keep all the columns visible, but move the most important columns to the beginning of the screen. You can also decide the order of the columns by using the arrow keys to move them up and down the list.

NOTE: the lender name column is fixed and cannot be moved from its position.

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Choosing columns for results table printout

Because of the number of columns available for printing, you may wish to select a subset of the columns to ensure that they fit on an A4 page and that they are relevant for your client’s requirements. Each column has a ‘character width’. The Settings screen tells you the maximum character width for the page, so it is important that the columns selected fit into this maximum. When selecting a column to be included for printing, the column width will be reduced by the number of characters. Once the columns have been selected, there is the ability to use the Preview button to review the changes made and ensure that these fit the requirements. Click OK for the changes to be saved.

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Settings – Filters Letter Columns

The illustration pack contains a document called Product Selection Report. This document records all of the filters applied during the sourcing search. It also includes a table of the Top 25 schemes available based on the results of your search and filtering. This table can be customised to include specific columns of information.

There is a limit on the number of columns, which is shown below. You will see the number of characters for each column displayed adjacent to the column heading. To select the columns required click on the checkbox to display a tick. The column order can also be controlled by using the Move Up and Move Down buttons. A Preview button allows you to display your changes before saving them permanently.

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Settings – Favourites

Sourcing Brain provides the ability to set up some default searches for scenarios that you use on a regular basis, such as 5 year FTB, 90% LTV or 2 year Remortgage, free legals, free vals. The Favourite Searches are set up within the Results screen, but they can be maintained – reviewed or deleted – within the Settings > Favourites screen as shown here.

By default, there are three standard favourite searches which cannot be removed but the preview button allows you to see what filters have been included. If you have created your own Favourite Searches, then they will be listed on the left-hand side of the box shown below:

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