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The Results Screen

The Results Screen provides a substantial amount of beneficial functions when sourcing. This document provides brief details of each function. There are more in depth user guides available for each of the elements.

Results columns

The results columns can be reordered in two different ways – permanent column order using the Settings function, or an Ad Hoc order by clicking and dragging the schemes into a temporary order. The Lender column cannot be moved, this always remains in a fixed position. See Settings User Guide for more information.

Matched and Unmatched Schemes

The screen always displays the schemes matched against the client’s specified criteria. To display the unmatched schemes, based on the client criteria input, click on the View Unmatched button in the top right-hand corner. To return to the matched schemes, click on the View Matched button again.

The menu item titled View Unmatched in the top right hand menu bar of the screen, when clicked will display the non-matched, or rejected, schemes based on the client’s specified criteria.

<<Show Details

On the right-hand side of the screen there is the ability to display further information on the scheme highlighted by clicking on the <<Show Details button. This includes Details, Fees and Rates, Affordability, Scheme Notes and the expected Proc Fee from each distribution channel. If Criteria Brain and/or Affordability Brain have been used during the sourcing process, then an additional tab for each is displayed, titled Criteria Brain or Affordability Brain, which will show the results of your criteria search, together with the full lender reference document pulled back from Criteria Brain and your results from Affordability Brain with supporting documentation from the lenders.

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Amending Source Scenario

Once the initial search has been carried out, there may be a requirement to make amendments to this search. To do this, use the Amend Scenario option on the top tool bar. This will return you back to the Sourcing tabs where you can remove or add filters. To display the amended source scenario, click on the Results button from any of the filter tabs.

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Multiple searches/New tab sourcing

Sourcing Brain provides the ability to carry out multiple sourcing scenarios. The software includes the ability to create numerous searches which can be used to display different products as selected by the application of the filters. For example, the client may want to look at different scenarios depending on the amount of deposit they may be able to provide, therefore, multiple searches could be displayed for 75% LTV, 80% LTV, 90% LTV, etc. Or the client may want to compare a remortgage versus a second charge scenario – more information on this particular sourcing scenario can be found in the Second Charge Sourcing user guide.

To create multiple searches, use the Add Scenario button on the top of the tool bar. This will return you to the filters tabs where you can apply different filters to source on. Once you are ready to display the new set of products, click on the Results button from any of the filter tabs.

This returns you to the scheme list where both scenarios will be visible. Because they are in a tabular format, it allows the ability to switch between the different tabs to see the product listings.

To amend existing scenarios, first ensure that the scenario to be amended has been selected. Click on the Amend Scenario option. This will display the Sourcing screen allowing filters to be amended as applicable. It will also provide access to the other filters screens. To apply the changes to the results tab, simply click on the Results button again. Note that any changes applied are ONLY made to the scenario that has been selected. All other scenarios will remain as is.

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View Unmatched Schemes

Any schemes that do not fit the client’s criteria are displayed in the View Unmatched screen which can be accessed using the button on the top right-hand corner of the tool bar, as shown below.

The schemes are clearly displayed with the first reason for the exclusion, listed in the centre column as shown below.

There may, however, be more than one reason that the scheme has been excluded from the matched products list. To display all of the reasons as to why the scheme may have been excluded, simply click on the <<Show Details button on the right of the screen and select the Reasons for Exclusion section. This will display all of the reasons that a scheme may have been excluded.

Being able to display the reason behind the unmatched schemes also allows the ability to advise the client that by changing one or more of their criteria, where possible, they may be eligible for a scheme that initially they may have thought was unobtainable. To return back to the matched schemes, click on the View Matched button on the top right of the tool bar.

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Further Scheme Information

To display further information on the scheme highlighted, there are a number of tabs within the <<Show Details section on the right-hand side of the results screen. Pop out this side bar to see all of the associated data which is important to review when selecting the highlighted scheme.

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The Details tile provides information input for the search criteria, together with information on the highlighted product.

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Fees & Rates

The Fees & Rates tab displays, dynamically, the fees associated with the product highlighted, confirming how much, when payable and whether they can be added to the loan. The fee names follow the industry standardisation brought in by the CML and Which. The Early Repayment Charge section details exactly what the ERC is at any time during the fixed/discounted period of the product.

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Mortgage Payment Stress Test

If the client’s monthly affordable mortgage amount has been entered into the Sourcing tab, this will ensure the software only displays products where the initial monthly payment is equal to or less than the figure entered.

Within the Mortgage Payment Stress Test tab is confirmation of the monthly affordable figure entered, plus a colour coding system of green or amber or both. The colour coding indicates if the product is affordable for the client, based on their monthly affordable amount. The payments are increased in increments of 1% to provide the stress test required under MMR. The green figures indicate it is affordable for the client, the amber figure indicates that it is a higher figure than the client could afford.

The colour coding does not stop an illustration being produced for the client. However, if an amber product is chosen, then a reason for the selection must be entered before proceeding to illustration.

This reason is included and displayed within the Affordability document produced as part of the illustration package. The document is automatically saved to the client file, can be pulled back into a back office system and printed and/or emailed to the client if required.

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The Notes tab contains specific product information for the highlighted scheme.

Procuration fees tab

This tab provides proc fees for the submission routes available. By selecting one of the submission routes, this displays the gross and net split in the box below. Note that this tab may not be available if your network has a proc fee calculator included in your version of the software.

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