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Sourcing Brain v3.6 Comparison Function

Sourcing Brain offers the ability to compare as many schemes as you require from within the same search, or across multiple searches, therefore making it extremely easy to compare, for example, remortgage products with second charge products, or fixed rates with tracker rates, to determine which is the best product for your client.

Within the scheme list, there is a Compare button on the top right hand side of the screen and check boxes adjacent to the schemes on the left-hand side of the results table.

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Comparison of schemes on one source

The screen below shows that only one source scenario has been carried out currently. To compare more than one scheme side by side, use the checkboxes on the left-hand side of the screen. Select all of the schemes you wish to compare first and then press Compare.

The screen automatically displays all of the chosen schemes side by side allowing a compact view of the main data items for each scheme.

There is no limit to the number of schemes you can choose to compare side by side on screen. However, the printout is limited to four schemes purely to allow these to be displayed on one A4 portrait page. The red cross, adjacent to the product heading, allows you to hide the schemes from the comparison.

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Comparison of schemes across multiple source scenarios

The ability to compare products across multiple source scenarios is a feature that is extremely useful if trying to demonstrate to the client the difference between products such as fixed and tracker, or remortgage versus second charge.

Run the first source scenario. Then from the tool bar, select Add Scenario. Return to the filter screens and make any amendments required. Press Results to display a second scenario based on the new filters. This returns you back to the Results screen where you will have both Scenario 1 and Scenario 2 displayed, as shown below.

Now you can select as many schemes as you want from each scenario to compare on the screen. Just click on Scenario 1 tab, check the boxes, then click on Scenario 2 tab and check the boxes etc. Once all the schemes have been selected, click on Compare to display the screen with your chosen schemes across multiple scenarios.

When printing this out, Sourcing Brain will also automatically save the document back to the client file.

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