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The following notes document all items included in Sourcing Brain v3.6.25 (Sprint 25).

Product Filters > No Product/Application Fee filter

A new No Product/Application Fee filter has been introduced into the Product Filters tab as shown below. When applied, this will remove all lenders who have a product/application fee before displaying the results within the scheme list. The inclusion of this filter brings the functionality in line with MortgageBrain Classic.

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Browse > Show Cost Over filters

When entering through Browse mode, select Change Filters > Property Filters and note that there is now a field to enter Show Costs Over (years/months). The inclusion of this filter brings the functionality in line with MortgageBrain Classic.

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BTL Tab > Rental Top Up checkbox for BTL Sourcing

A number of lenders offer top slicing which is the inclusion of a percentage of the clients' salary to top up the rental income required. This enhancement brings functionality in line with MortgageBrain Classic.

Within the BTL filter, there is the inclusion of a Rental Top Up checkbox. Once the rental income fields are completed, if lenders who consider top slicing are to be included, then the filter box needs to be applied. Once the list of lenders are displayed, the user can then explore each lender criteria further to confirm which lender is most suitable for the client.

When applying this filter, it is also included in the Product Selection Report.

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Multiple Exclude functionality (Part 1 of 3 - lender list)

A new Lender Exclude & Search function is available within the Results section. This will allow users to exclude more than one lender and or exclude multiple lender schemes.

Within the Lender Column in the Scheme List, a new filter function has been introduced. By clicking on the Filter icon a user can select to remove the lender(s). The filter icon turns from white to green when lenders are excluded. The filter also allows the ability to undo the exclude by re-applying the Select All function - this is defaulted to Select All as it counts the lenders that have been matched.

We have enhanced the Advance Filters function to allow for more than one lender and included a Select All tick function within the column headers.

The Exclude filter is shown below in the Lender column.

When selecting the icon, a list of lenders, those included in the scheme list, are displayed. By default these are all selected. Each lender can be excluded, either by typing the first few letters of the lender’s name into the box, or by using the scroll bar to find the lender manually.

Once the first lender has been de-selected, a text box automatically appears to enable the user to enter the Reason for Exclusion. This statement will also be included on the product selection report with the number of schemes that were excluded. A screenshot is shown further down.

When lenders have been excluded, the filter shows as green (default is white).

The excluded schemes are moved into the Unmatched section and shown with the Reason for Exclusion in the list. By selecting the pop out side bar, all reasons for exclusion are listed.

The Product Selection Report includes confirmation of the lenders that have been excluded, the Reason for Exclusion and the number of schemes this has affected.

In addition to the above Lender Exclude functionality, the Advanced Mode now has a Select All option which allows all schemes to be selected and then manually excluded, without having to tick each one individually.

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Bug Fixes

Compare Report (Print Out) Remortgage v Second Charge

Some additional columns have been included in the scheme comparison print out when comparing remortgage with second charge. The additional columns included are:

- Lender Fee

- Master Broker Fee

- Total Initial Fees

- Total final Fees

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