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The following notes document all items included in Sprint 24.

Browse > Show Cost Over filters

When running in Browse mode, an additional filter has been added within the Property tab section to allow the ability to calculate over years and months. This is called Show Costs Over as displayed in the second screenshot below. To access this filter, having selected Browse from the Home page or Start tab, progress into the scheme list. Select Change Filters and from here select Property Details.

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Browse > ESIS Generation

Browse mode also allows the user to generate an illustration. When entering Browse mode, there are no mandatory fields to complete. However, when generating an illustration, information needs to be entered to ensure that the product you are choosing fits the client’s criteria.

When selecting the Illustration button, a pop up box will appear requesting specific data. Complete this information by selecting the Change Filters button. This will return the user to the relevant fields in the pop up box to complete.

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Scheme List - include client name on print out

The scheme list contains some specific information within the headers and footers to ensure that it can be easily distinguished when multiple scheme lists are being printed by multiple advisers. The information displayed includes:

  • time and date stamp

  • client/s name

  • the number of schemes and the order it is based on

  • property price, loan amount, deposit

  • repayment period and repayment type

  • version number of software being used and Mortgage Brain copyright information

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