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Further improvements to the functionality and flow of Sourcing Brain v3.6 have been made in the latest sprint, Sprint 22. This version will be made live at the end of February 2022.

The changes are as follows:

Graphing Calculator

The Graphing Calculator can be accessed either from the Home page or from the Scheme List window, as shown below.

If accessing the graphing calculator from the scheme list, you will notice that the information is prepopulated with your client’s property details and also the product details from the scheme highlighted within the scheme list.

The functionality to demonstrate to the client the affect that overpayments/lump sums etc. can have on the term of the mortgage and the interest paid, is available within the Add Event button, highlighted below.

The drop-down box shown allows the ability to add in a variety of events, the amount and the date range for the event.

Each of the events are displayed on the screen. They are automatically included in the calculations – the tick is displayed in the include column.

Events can be applied individually and the impact shown on the graph tab. This displays the term reduction and the interest saved by default.

The documentation can be printed out and will be saved back to the client file automatically.

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Frequent Search Request Prototype

Included in this sprint was the prototyping of the Frequent Search Request. This function will be called Favourites. The Favourites option enables the ability to save regularly used filters as a base for sourcing. For example, if regularly sourcing remortgage deals, a favourite base source can be set to include the rate type, payment type and rate control, plus additional filters such as free legal and free valuation filters. This saves time having to reselect filters for each source. Any additional filters that may be required based on the individual client’s requirements, can be added on an ad hoc basis. There is no limit to the number of favourite base sources that can be saved.

More information on this function will be included in the next release notes.

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User Config for Printing

This sprint has started the development work to allow the user to control their own configuration for printing the columns from the scheme list. Work on this item will also include the ability to customise the print out for the Compare columns and also the Best Buy columns. More development work needs to be carried out in future sprints before this will be released to the live version.

Business Logic on Parent Filters

This is a tidy-up to some of the logic built into the system to ensure that when a parent filter is chosen, then child filters, which are not relevant, are automatically greyed out.

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