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Further improvements to the functionality and flow of Sourcing Brain v3.6 have been made in the latest sprints, Sprint 20 and Sprint 21. This version will be made live at the beginning of January 2022.

The changes are as follows.

Number of schemes available should be displayed on Sourcing tab

The number of schemes available from the data set chosen is now available to see within the Scheme List window, as shown below. This is reflected on the Unmatched scheme window as well as the Matched.

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Completion deadline date added into Product Selection Report

The completion deadline date for individual products has been included to the Product Selection Report and is displayed on the last page of the report.

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Graphing Calculator

The graphing function was disabled when we moved Sourcing Brain to the new look and feel. Work is underway to develop this feature. Part of this has already been completed, with the remaining work included in the next sprint. Full details of functionality will be provided in the next set of release notes.

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