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For any queries, please contact Halifax; for details of the most appropriate contact method, please visit:

The Submissions Brain form can currently be used to apply for a Halifax DIP for Residential cases, with one or two applicants and where no applicant is self-employed.

Once a form has been submitted and a roll number returned all further amendments and progression of the case must be undertaken via the Halifax Broker Portal:

Advisers must be registered with Halifax prior to using Submissions Brain forms,

you can register via:

If you have any queries about your registration, please contact Halifax via:

The Halifax DIP is accessed and completed in the same way as other Submissions Brain forms, whether this is into Submissions Brain from Sourcing Brain or directly into Submissions Brain using a browser, or from the lender list within The Key. Once an adviser has completed a Halifax DIP form, they will be able to send the form to Halifax using the Send/Track option from the Submissions Brain home page.

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Halifax Portal User ID

The adviser must enter their Halifax Portal User ID and password when completing the form.

An administrator can submit cases on behalf of an adviser. After answering Yes to the Are you an administrator.. question they will have to enter the Halifax Portal User ID of the adviser they are working on behalf of.

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Retrieving Payment Routes

The applicable payment route to be used for the application must be selected before the form can be submitted.

A list of available payment routes is returned when the Get Payment Route(s) button is clicked. The Broker Portal User ID and password must be entered before clicking on the Get Payment Route(s) button.

If there is a problem with the broker registration or the details have been entered incorrectly, an error message will be displayed.

Repeated submissions of invalid Broker Portal User ID and password combinations may result in the account being locked on the Halifax Broker Portal.

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Retrieving Shared Ownership Companies

If the application is for a Shared Ownership scheme the applicable Shared Ownership Company must be selected from the list of companies recognised by Halifax.

The list is populated by clicking on the Get Shared Ownership Data button, the applicable company should then be selected from the returned list.

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Submitting the DIP to Halifax

Once all of the mandatory questions have been answered in the form the action list on the left hand side of the form will be empty and clicking the validate button will confirm the form is complete.

After closing and saving the form, and returning to the Submissions Brain home page, it is now ready to be submitted to Halifax. This is done by selecting either the Send/Track All button on the menu bar or clicking Ready to Send in the grid row for the case.

On the Send and Track page tick the box on the right hand side of the row for the application to be submitted, enter the Submissions Brain pin for your Submissions Brain account and click on the Send button.

The screen will show the progress of sending the form to Halifax.

Once it has completed you can click the Return to the main grid button to see the result returned.

The row in the grid for the form will now show the result. In this example the case has been Accepted, the roll number/mortgage ID is returned, and a fuller message is available which is indicated by the unopened envelope icon.

If the submission to Halifax is not successful, this message will be displayed.

On the home page the case will be updated and there will be a closed envelope to indicate a message is available, the description will show that the form failed to connect with the Halifax server and the case reference will be blank as no case has been created on the Halifax system.

When the envelope message is opened more information will be displayed on the error that has occurred.

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What additional information is available within Submissions Brain following a successful submission to Halifax?

There are several results that can be returned when the case has been created in the Halifax Broker Portal and, as noted above, a closed envelope icon next to the form indicates more information is available.

Clicking on the closed envelope icon on the left-hand side of the row displaying the application will open a new popup window with details of the response from Halifax.

The most common responses are:

An accept decision.

Alternative lending proposal.

A decline.

Following a successful creation of a DIP in Halifax’s Broker portal, all further actions for that case will take place within Halifax’s Broker Portal.

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