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Several changes have been made to improve the software from the current live version of Sourcing Brain (v3.6.12) to the latest release – v3.6.16. Detailed below are some of the headline changes that have been made.

Printing of Scheme Notes

Following user requests, Sourcing Brain includes the ability to print off the scheme notes for the scheme highlighted within the scheme list.

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Broker Setting - Show Total Cost Over (Default N year period) and Top N Schemes for inclusion in the Product Selection Report

Two new user settings have been included in the Broker Settings function. The first is the ability for the user to determine the default setting for the Show Total Cost Over field. The standard software default has now been set at 0 which means that a figure will need to be inserted each time the user sources with a new client.

Note: The software will retain the figure last entered for previously sourced clients.

The second user setting is the ability for the user to determine how many schemes are displayed on the Product Selection Report document.

Note: This filter can be controlled by a Corporate configuration, so this function may not be available to all users.

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ESIS – inclusion of the PRA in the Supervisor section if appropriate

Currently the Supervisor section of the ESIS (usually Section 14) includes the following fixed text ‘This lender is supervised by the Financial Conduct Authority,’. Some lenders have requested that this text be extended to say ‘This lender is supervised by the Financial Conduct Authority, and the Prudential Regulation Authority’.

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Bug Fixes

Select illustration > Proc fee tab is displayed first

When you go to produce an illustration, the proc fee tab was opening first instead of the details tab. This has now been corrected.

Product fee missing from scheme list on Product select report / Filters Letter

The Product select report/filters letter was missing the Product fee in the scheme list, but displayed it under further details. This has now been corrected.

Other Items

  • Improved pre-population of data between the CRM API and Sourcing Brain

  • Enhanced security settings

  • Other behind the scenes bug fixes

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