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Potentially Vulnerable Customer Updates

Option for Mandatory Potentially Vulnerable Customer Question

The Key incorporates a question in the Fact Find asking whether the customer is potentially vulnerable. Currently this question is not mandatory.

A new setting is available in Setup > General > Reports/Fact Find by clicking on the Fact Find Configuration tab, and then accessing the Custom Fact Find Settings tab in the Fact Find Configuration window.

Figure 1: Mandatory PVC Question Setting

If a tick is placed in this box, the potentially vulnerable client question will become mandatory in Fact Find > Client Cont. for subsequent fact finds.

Figure 2: PVC as Mandatory Question

This will apply to both applicants if a second applicant is present.

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High Risk Indicator for Potentially Vulnerable Customer

The option to mark a case for compliance (as a high risk case) where either applicant has been noted as potentially vulnerable has now been added to Setup > Compliance > Risk Types.

Figure 3: PVC High Risk Indicator Option

The option will not be selected by default upon the update.

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Reasons Why Letter Final Version Update

The functionality around Draft RWL documents, and the Final Version selection, allowed for illogical combinations to be recorded which could cause confusion in compliance checks.

The Key has been updated to prevent the Final Version option from being selected if the RWL document is in a Draft state, i.e. that the mandatory fields in the document have not been completed.

Figure 4: Disabled Final Version Option

Once the RWL has been completed, the Final Version checkbox will be selected and editable.

Figure 5: Enabled (and Selected) Final Version Option

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HTML Emails Update

New Salutation Field Options

Additional fields have been made available to allow more flexibility in terms of the salutation to be used within HTML emails. The existing {{CLIENTPORTALDETAILS.SALUTATION}} remains, but the following options have been added:


    • For a client Miss Alison Roberts, this would display Alison


    • For a client Miss Alison Roberts, this would display Miss Roberts


    • For a client Miss Alison Roberts, this would display Miss A Roberts

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Client Portal Details URL Field

An issue was identified that could prevent the URL of the Client Portal from appearing in HTML generated emails. This has been resolved and the field {{CLIENTPORTALDETAILS.URL}} now appears correctly.

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Remortgage Review Module

Remortgage Review Grid Update

The Remortgage Review grid, accessible through the Advisor Portal, will now offer the option to display the advisor associated with the product up for review.

Figure 6: Advisor Column in Remortgage Review Grid

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Email Update

An issue that could impact the salutation used in the email to the product holders has been resolved to ensure that it functions correctly for any combination of product holder and single/joint product. The following merge fields can be used in the email template as required:

  • {{ProductReviews.ClientSalutation}}

  • {{ProductReviews.ClientSalutationFirstname}}

  • {{ProductReviews.ClientSalutationTitleSurname}}

  • {{ProductReviews.ClientSalutationTitleInitialSurname}}

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Other Enhancements

  • Setup > General > Lists > Document Categories – Changed wording of the label for clarification (no functionality change)

  • Setup > Users > Integrations – Resolved issue that would cause an integration to fail if a space was added

  • Integrations > MortgageBrain Classic – Updated client import utility

  • Client > Surname – Resolved issue that could occur is a single quote was added or removed from applicant 2’s surname

  • Fact Find > Current Mortgage – Added functionality to ensure a product review date was correctly created for the current mortgage being added

  • Remortgage Review Module – Resolved error causing System.FormatException error in some cases

  • Debt Calculator – Resolved issue that could have returned an incorrect saving figure

  • Client Portal > Documents – Amended the display of documents to ensure that they default to date order; document can still be reordered by clicking on the relevant header

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