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Online Portal Set Up

Navigate to the General Subfolder of Set Up and select the Online tab.

This page in The Key provides access to the Online Portal Set Up options namely:

  • Portal Set Up (click here for a detailed guide to all the options available)

  • Details of the New Mortgage Enquiry page

  • Portal-linked Email Templates

  • Setting Access Permission for The Key portal

  • Client Portal Document Checklist

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Mortgage Enquiry Page

The Key offers an Enquiry Page that prospective clients can use to make enquiries about a possible mortgage.

By placing this form on a website it is possible to collect applicants details, their mortgage needs and any other information the prospective client feels relevant. The completed form will be sent directly to The Key as a lead. On receipt of the lead enquiry The Key will email the adviser the lead is allocated to, as well as generating a task. The Client Record will include a information provided by the potential client.

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Portal Email Templates

The Key has a library of standard email templates that are used in conjunction with the Key Portals. To access the library press the Email Templates button. To edit the required email template use the Edit button and a new page will open.

To edit the required email template use the Edit button and a new page will open.

The highlighted text is the default message, make the required changes and press save. The Key will prompt for a name for the amended template which will now be used for all new emails linked to the saved template.

The amended template is now ready for use. It is possible to revert to the default template at any time by selecting Default Template from the drop-down list (highlighted yellow).

Note: The Key will use the name used to save the amended file as the subject line of the email sent to the client.

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Setting Access Permissions to the Key Portal

Use this section to make changes to the areas listed below:

Should the Online Fact Find not be required than remove the tick from the Check Box relating to this option.

Enabling the Client Portal Joint Access option allows joint clients access to the Client Portal from a single button press.

Should the Portal Document Checklists option not be required remove the tick from the Check Box.

Advice of Document Uploads and Secure Message alerts are always sent to the adviser responsible for the sale, however it is possible to include the administrator linked to the adviser by ensuring the Send Message/Secure Message Check Box is ticked.

Other alerts can be configured to use either email, task or both simultaneously, select the required option from each of the dropdown lists.

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Portal Document Checklist Configuration

To activate the Portal Document Checklist Tool press the Portal Document Checklist Tool button.

The Checklist Management Tool opens.

To create a Checklist press the Add button.

Name the Checklist and then press the Add Document Button, now it is time to add the documents the client is required to submit via the Key Portal.

The Checklist Maintenance window opens:

Create a unique name for the document required (this name will be visible to the client in the Key Portal)

Select a category that the document should be assigned to (if there is no category that meets your needs leave the drop-down empty).

Use this link to view the process for adding new Document Categories.

Display order is used to set the order in which the documents required are displayed in your checklist.

By selecting the required option from the Applicant drop-down list The Key can restrict the visibility of the required document to a specific applicant.

Use the Help Text option to provide the Key Portal user with information regarding the document required.

Press Finish to save and return to the previous screen.

Additional documents can be added to the list by using the Add New Document button. To Edit or Delete a document from the list ensure that the required document is selected the press the appropriate button.

Use the Batch Mode option to add multiple documents to a check list.

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