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To ensure optimum performance of The Key it is most important that steps are taken to correctly close the Sale Record.

Closing the Sale Record

The process is as follows:

Navigate to the Products Folder relating to the client in question.

The product summary shows that both products are now live yet when the pipeline summary is accessed both records are visible, indicating that the product records need to be closed.

The process to remove these Product Records from the pipeline summary is as follows:

Open the required Product Record, all tabs on the Product Record should be reviewed to ensure there are no outstanding actions.

In this example all the tabs have been checked apart from the Property tab, this needs to be checked to ensure the address of the property is now showing as the correspondence address as the Product Record relates to Residential Purchase. Once checked the last action is to close the product record via the Worklist tab.

In the case of a residential purchase The Key will update the clients correspondence address. Select the highlighted link, confirm the update by pressing yes on the confirmation screen, The Key will the make the required changes as well as moving the client's original correspondence address to a section in the database reserved for previous addresses and recording the date this change took place (the completion date as recorded in the application tab is used for this date).

The Product Record is now ready to be closed, select the Work List tab.

Record a reason for closing the product (yellow highlight) then press the Close Product button (pink highlight).

Note: Ensure a reason is recorded before pressing the Close Product button, if no reason is recorded the Product Record cannot be closed.

Should there be a need to re-open the Product Record, reopen the Product Record and select the Work List tab.

Reopen the product (yellow highlight). Any changes to the Product Record can be made, then close Product Record again as previously shown.

Repeat for all open products shown in the Product Summary.

Once all products are closed the Sale Record needs to be closed, this action can be performed on either the Product Record page or the Fact Find page. Use the Close Sale button (both highlighted yellow).

Closing the sale preserves the data held in the Fact Find and related products.

Select OK on the Confirmation Screen and the Sale Record will be closed.

If you're not seeing the window above, you have more work to do.

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Troubleshooting the Close Sale function

When the Close Sale process is activated The Key will review any linked product records to Sale, should any of these products need attention an alternative window will be displayed.

This window details all products requiring action before the Sale can be closed. The upper section of the window lists product records that require action. Using each of the Edit buttons (highlighted yellow), close each Product Record as detailed previously. The lower section lists Existing Plans (e.g. a mortgage that related to the client's previous address or a mortgage being replaced by remortgage). In this example the client's new mortgage with West Bromwich is now in force and their previous mortgage with Bank of Scotland has been redeemed, Using the Status dropdown, replace Current with Redeemed. Once all the changes have been made, press the Close button.

A confirmation window will appear:

Select OK and the changes made will be actioned, all Product Records will now show the correct status information.

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