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The Key allows a new contact to be managed in two distinct processes, Leads or Clients.

This guide will focus on the Lead function. A Lead would be used when there is need to quickly provide a potential client with information about a product or service offered and a full fact find is not required at this time. NB Fact Find and Products are not available in the Client Menu when working in Leads mode.

Creating a lead

To record a Lead select the New Client Button on The Key Dashboard.

The Create New Client page is displayed. The Key requires a title, first name and surname to be recorded for one or two clients, note the red and white exclamation indicator beside each entry, until all entries that have this indicator are completed it may not be possible to navigate away from the active page.

Note: this indicator will be displayed throughout on many of the input screens in The Key to indicate that an entry must be recorded in the relevant text box.

Once the required information is recorded, check that Create as a Lead is set to Yes then press Create Client and the Client Contacts page now loads.

The Client Contacts page consists of Main Details, Additional Information, and Lead Details.

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Main Details

When working with "Leads" there is no requirement to collect client contact data however good business practice should dictate that some contact information should be collected to allow a follow up to the enquiry at a later date.

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Additional Information

This tab is covered in the Create a Client guide in more detail, click here for more information.

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Lead details

This tab consists of Mortgage Information, Insurance Information, and Lead Management.

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Mortgage Information

This tab allows information relating to a mortgage lead to be recorded.

At this point it is possible to provide a Mortgage Illustration to the client using the data recorded, select the Mortgage Sourcing button. Prior to the chosen mortgage sourcing application running the following warning is displayed:

Select the required application (not all options may available to certain Key accounts).

The Key will pre-populate the chosen sourcing tool with the mortgage information recorded in the tab. Complete any further information required by the application and generate any illustration(s). Note: the illustration(s) will not be saved in The Key. Close the application to return to The Key.

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Insurance Information

This tab allows information relating to an insurance lead to be recorded.

There are no links to 3rd party applications in Leads such as The Exchange, SolutionBuilder, Webline or PaymentShield, however they are available when working with a Client rather a Lead.

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Lead Management

This tab provides an overview of the lead. Use this page to convert the Lead to a Client. Find more information about that process here.

Lead Status allows the status of the Lead to be recorded by selecting the required status point from the drop down list. It is possible to search by Lead Status.

To learn more about configuring the contents of a the list, click here.

It is also possible to re-assign an adviser to the Lead.

Select from the dropdown list, the new adviser to action the transfer of the Lead.

It is also possible to record the source of the Lead. This is covered in "Create A Client" in detail. Click here for more Information.

As part of the Lead Management process it is possible to create a set list of actions (Tasks). By setting up a Work List, it is possible to establish a process for the handling all Leads in a consistent manner.

Here is an example of a Work List that will manage the processing of each and every lead received by the Key.

This work list contains 6 tasks, the active task is highlighted, the remaining tasks are listed in red as they are also outstanding. As each task is completed the text colour will change, the actioned date will be marked against each completed task and the next task is activated as per the screenshot below:

If required a task can be added to the client file on a one off basis, press the Create New Task button to launch the Create New Task Editor.

Complete the form as required.

Note: the date can be edited to allow a period of grace to be added before the task is due. It is possible to allocate the task to a specific user (by default this will be the current user) or by role. Press OK to save the task.

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Converting a Lead to a Client

Convert to Client will transfer all the data held in the Lead record to a Client record. Ensure that the Main Details tab shows the Lead's present address, date of birth, title and sex. Should any of these fields be incomplete the operation will not take place.

The mandatory field indicator (the red and white exclamation mark) is placed next to each field requiring action.

Update the record with the required data and then return to Lead Management and press the Convert to Client. If all the required data is now recorded the following dialogue box is presented:

Confirm the Conversion by pressing Yes or to abort the Conversion press No.

After pressing Yes, the Client Fact Find Screen will load:

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