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Creating a second sale record

There may be times when an adviser is unable to offer a full advice service to a client. e.g. the client also requires protection advice and the current adviser does not have the appropriate permissions to offer such advice.

Protection advice will be offered by a suitably qualified adviser and this can be managed in The Key by the creation of a 2nd sale record.

To do this, create a second sale record by pressing New Sale ensuring that the existing sale stays open.

Then, assign the adviser who will provide protection advice to this sale record.

To do this, press the Reassign Sales Adviser button, as in the image above.

If The Key you are using does not have the Reassign Sales Adviser click here for more information.

The present adviser is displayed, so select from the dropdown list the required adviser for the protection sale – in this example Roxy is an authorised protection adviser.

Once the required adviser is selected from the list and The Key will then ask for confirmation of the change as per the screen below.

We now have two open sales each managed by separate advisers.

The second adviser will be notified by The Key that they have a new client assigned to them and they will be able to view all details regarding the client's mortgage requirements along with any recommended products.

To manage the protection sale the new adviser will open their assigned sale and proceed as normal.

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Checking permissions for assigning a new adviser

Please note: that if the Reassign Sale Adviser Button is missing, the function is not enabled.

To check if there is access to this function go to Setup.

In the example below there is no link to advanced settings option so the user would need to make contact with whoever manages The Key within their network or organisation.

However, if your The Key system has access, the Sales Process tab is located in the General Subfolder in Setup. Navigate to this and the check box next to Enable Sales Level Adviser.

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