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Multi Search

If you are looking to perform a criteria search based on multiple factors then this is a great place to start. Multi Search allows you to add and search for up to 6 different criteria and you decide which are critical to your search and which are not.

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Adding Your Criteria

Multi Search differs from Compare Search where you simply select a criteria and view all lenders values and notes. In Multi Search you need to input a value to check against the lenders value so that the search can tell you if the lender passes or fails.

Let's look at an example.

You have a situation where you need to check 4 things.

  1. Which lenders will accept Maintenance (not through the courts)

  2. My applicant has only been self-employed for 18 months and I need to filter lenders who are potentially OK with this

  3. My client is looking for a lender that lends in Scotland.

  4. You'd like to find a lender that can consider Child Benefit income but it's not essential.

There are two ways to add these criteria. You can choose via 'Category' view (green bars):

including the ability to search by keyword.

or you can use 'Topic' view (blue bars)...

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Setting your criteria

Once you have selected all of your criteria you will need to assign values like we've done in the example below.

Critical Criteria: Notice how we've unchecked the Critical Criteria (green arrow) for
Child Benefit income in order to indicate this criteria is not critical to our search.

Once we've added our criteria and set our values we can go ahead and click Search.

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Search Results

Search results in 'Multi Search' are green for a pass and red for a fail. Each column represents the criteria that was searched and shows both the lenders value at the top and your input value for your applicant(s) at the bottom. To read the detailed policy notes for each lenders criteria click on the Expand Notes' link next to the lenders logo.

We also indicate which were the critical criteria in your search and the results will be ordered by the most critical passes first and then the non critical passes.

The initial results view

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Viewing Detailed Notes

When you click the 'Expand Notes' link you will be able to read the detail including any 'Warnings' and 'Outside Policy Notes'.

Looks like potential good news here!

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