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Types of Searches

There are 4 ways to search for criteria on Criteria Brain:

  • Compare Search (we recommend everyone starts here)

  • Multi Search

  • Lender Browse

  • Keyword Search

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Compare Search

To do your first search choose Compare Search from the left hand menu. You can choose to do either a Residential Compare Search or a Buy to Let Compare Search.

There are hundreds of different criteria you can choose from so we wanted to make it easy to browse and find what you are looking for. To do this we use Categories (green drop downs) and Topics (blue drop downs).

Categories: Every criteria on Criteria Brain is categorised into one of the following:

  • Adverse

  • Applicant

  • Employment

  • Income

  • Policy

  • Product

  • Property

Topics: Quickly drill down to criteria that is naturally grouped together. Examples of 'Topics' include...

  • Self-Employed

  • Interest Only

  • New Build

  • Affordability

Simply click and browse by category or topic to find what you are looking for.

Once you see what you are after click the criteria and view the results.

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Criteria Title and Description

Every criteria on Criteria Brain has a title and a description so that lenders know what they are setting and advisors as to what they are researching. It's also worth reading the description to be sure you are in the right criteria.

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The Results

The results are sorted in the order you would expect so in the case of our example criteria 'Discharged Bankrupt (years)' we are displaying the number of years that each lenders states the applicant must have been discharged for in order to be accepted.

So for this search you would see these results in ascending order for each lender with the lowest numbers at the top and the highest numbers and the 'Not Acceptable' lenders at the bottom.

Each row represents a lender.

In the example below we can see that Newbury Building Society (at time of writing this article at least) could potentially accept someone that had been discharged bankrupt for 5 years. We can also see there is an Outside Policy label and a Warning label. You can get more information by clicking the buttons which will open a side bar with additional notes.

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Saving a Search

To save a search simply click the Export as PDF button at the top of the results section.

When you click the 'Export as PDF' button you will then have some more options. You can either:

  • Print all lenders results

  • Print in alphabetical order

  • Print panel lenders only (only available to Teams)

  • Print selected lenders only

* Panel lenders not shown as example account has no panel set.

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Viewing the PDF results

The pdf will include the advisors name, all the detailed notes, a date stamp and give you the ability to print and write your own notes before placing on file.

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