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Starting the Integration

To start the integration, you will need to be logged into your MortgageBrain Classic or Sourcing Brain account. When opening Affordability Brain via MortgageBrain Classic or Sourcing Brain, you will be directed to a log-in landing page.

Existing Criteria/Affordability Brain Users

If you are an existing users of Criteria/Affordability Brain, you can enter your email address and password to log in. You may be asked on your first time to verify your email address so please check your inbox.

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New Criteria/Affordability Brain Users

If you are not an existing Criteria Brain/Affordability Brain user, then simply Click here to register. Input your details into the registration form and click 'Register'.

The form will request your FCA number which will be automatically checked on submission.

If we are unable to find your FCA number the below error message will appear.

Please call us on 01394 330840 so we can discuss this with you.

After you have completed this form we will send you an email to verify your registration and confirm you are using a valid email through a 3 step process.

1. Email verify screen

2. Verify Email

Once your email address has been verified you will be able to go back to your product sourcing system and resume sourcing.

3. Emailed Verified screen

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Beginning Your Affordability Source

Once you have completed your registration and have verified your email, you will be asked to read and verify the Terms & Conditions.

Once the T&Cs have been agreed to, you will be taken to the Affordability Brain homepage.

To start your affordability comparison click 'Let's start' under 'Start new Search'

If you're new to Affordability Brain, you can use our other documentation to help guide you through the next few steps.

Click here to access our guide on completing the form, selecting lenders, and excluded lenders.

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Pre-populating customer data

Client information input to your product source will automatically pre-populate the Affordability Brain form. You can see in the image below a summary of client details which are being copied over.

When clicking the green button, you will need to complete the rest of the form and review the required validation fields highlighted in the pink box.

If you're a new user, you can understand the results of your search by reading this guide.

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Returning to Mortgage Brain Product Sourcing

Now you have your affordability comparison data, you can return this information to Mortgage Brain.

To pull the results of this search through to Mortgage Brain, simply click on the red button as shown below.

You will then see a communication screen that confirms the data is being pulled back from Affordability Brain into product sourcing.

You can see the process going through the various steps.

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Returning Multiple Searches

In the scenario of multiple searches, you have the option to return a previous search to sourcing.

In the left hand grey menu, you will see 'Push to Mortgage Brain'

Simply select the search you would like to return by clicking on Select & Push.

You are only able to return searches completed in your current session on the platform.

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Storing Your Results

Mortgage Brain will pull back a summary of your affordability comparison.

If you would like the full notes and lenders screenshots, you can jump here to understand how you can store your results from the main Affordability Brain platform.

All searches are available and will be saved directly on the Affordability Brain for you to review, save and print when required.

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