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Progress Overview (illustrates progress with each lender's calculator)

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The Results Graph (this will populate as the results come in)

You will see a thin vertical red line in the results graph that denotes the requested loan amount. If a lender returns a figure in excess of the amount you requested then their bar will be Green for GO! But if they returned an amount less than what you requested the bar will be grey.

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Detailed results

The first thing to note is that ONLY lenders that have product availability based upon your search will be displayed in the affordable and not affordable tables.

We use Mortgage Brain intelligence to check the each lender has a product that matches your search based upon:

  • Type (Purchase, Remortgage)

  • Repayment Method (Capital & Interest, Interest Only or Mixed)

  • Requested Loan Size

  • Loan to Value

If a lender doesn’t have a product matching those parameters then they will be placed in the excluded lenders table - EVEN IF THEY RETURNED AN AFFORDABLE AMOUNT. You will also find any lenders that had exceptions in step 3 in the Excluded Lenders table.

If a lender fails they will be in the failed lenders table.

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Affordable Results

The maximum amount that a lender says they can potentially lend differs. You can see these amounts in the green, purple and red columns on the right. You can understand what these mean by using the key provided.

By clicking the FULL INFO button you’ll get a greater understanding of which incomes were included and excluded, what assumptions were made and which inputs that you entered in the form were ignored by the lender, as in, they didn’t have a corresponding field on their own calculator.

You can also see exactly how the form was completed by clicking on the lenders Result Screenshot button and from the Full Results Breakdown.

Only once all of the results are in can you click the Full Results button where you will be able to generate pdf research documents and download all the screenshots for each lender.

Here you will be able to view more screenshots for lenders that have multi page calculators and download any you wish to your computer.

Once all lenders are in and the graph of our results is complete we can then turn our attention to getting a greater understanding of what factors were considered in each lender result.

In particular, which factors you input in the form did the lender ‘Ignore’ and what ‘Assumptions’ did Affordability Brain make on your behalf. We call these ‘Ignored Fields’ and ‘Assumptions’ and they can be viewed in the detailed results below the graph.

It’s in these sections you will also be able to see any excluded lenders and why they were excluded. Finally in the event that a lender failed to run due to a technical reason or similar then they will be found in the ‘Lenders Failed’ section at the bottom.

Please note: The rate at which the results are returned from each lender will vary and whilst you can view and download the research PDFs right away, if all lenders results are not yet in then some will be excluded from your research. For this reason, we advise waiting until all results are in before saving your research.

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Printing and Storing Your Results

To print or download the overall results you need to click the red View Full Results Breakdown button.

We do not make all information available in the overall results because, simply put, if we included all the results; inputs, assumptions, ignored fields, exceptions, and screenshots the document would be 100’s of pages long and they would either empty your print cartridge or occupy a significant part of your storage space. However, if you would like to download more detail, such as a lender’s calculator screenshot(s) simply scroll down to the lender you require and download a zip file of the screenshots we took for you.

Please note: we will only store screenshots for 2 months after which point they will be deleted from our server forever.

To download the basic results click the red Export Summary button below the results graph.

Export Summary (approx. 10 pages) will include:

  • A summary of your client’s data input to the form

  • A table of results

  • A record of all of your form inputs

To download the lender data results click the red Export Lender Data button below the results graph.

Export Lender Data (approx. 50 pages) will include:

  • A summary of your client’s data input to the form

  • A table of results

  • A record, for each lender, of the ignored fields, assumptions, incomes used and the incomes not used

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