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  • Ability to handle multiple maximum loans from lenders (2 year fixed & 5 year fixed)

    • Santander

    • Pepper Money

    • Nationwide changes to their online calculator to accommodate first time buyers with additional max loan options

  • Santander - new affordability calculator

  • Affordability Brain and MortgageBrain Classic integration - auto-fill fields

Pepper Money & Santander - Long term fixed rate option

When using Affordability Brain, a user can select Yes or No to the question “will consider fixed rate of 5 years or more?”

Before this release, regardless of the selection of this field, we would only display the maximum loan amount based on the 2 year fixed rate result.

With Pepper Money’s & Santander’s online affordability calculator, the lender displays a maximum loan amount based on a standard and potentially a long term fixed.

If the user opts to consider a long term fixed rate and the maximum loan is higher than the standard fixed rate, then this is the result we will return as the maximum loan available. The user can see both the maximum loans available in the screenshot provided by Pepper Money.

Nationwide - Ability to target 5 year fixed product result

Introduction of ‘Helping Hands mortgage’, the ability to target 5 year fixed product result, when the case passes the following criteria:

  • Applicants are first time buyers

  • Product is 5 or 10 year fix

  • Case passes Nationwide BLAZE risk check

  • No self employed income

  • Minimum income rule (>£31K Sole >£50k Joint)

  • Not non-standard ownership

The highest loan amount available to the client will be returned to Affordability Brain

Santander - new affordability calculator

On 21st April 2021, Santander restructured the income page of their online affordability calculator.

This has now been restructured with self employed and pension incomes having their own sections.

For self employed income, if you select “Yes” there are now further questions relating to Covid-19

If “No” is answered for the new Covid-19 questions then all of the existing income questions are still displayed, just in a different order.

We have re-mapped the steps to match the new order, adding in the new questions for self employed income and the new questions for if they have been affected by Covid-19.

We have confirmed with Santander that they are happy with us defaulting all searches to say “No” to the adversely affected by Covid-19. This will be shown as an ‘assumption’ on Affordability Brain on the results page.

Affordability Brain & Mortgage Brain Classic integration - auto-fill fields

An issue was identified whilst trialling the Affordability Brain & MortgageBrain Classic integration.

In some scenarios where only partial data was submitted the pop box failed to display.

It is intended that when Affordability Brain is launched from the integrations, that the pre-pop window will be displayed regardless of how many of the pre-pop fields were completed.

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