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Can I make changes to my website?

Yes, your website is built within a content management platform called Umbraco.

You will be set up with access to your website content to allow you to control and maintain your site.

Please contact the Web Brain team to get started

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How do I log in to my website to make changes?

You will need to contact the Web Brain team in order to obtain your account details.

Please email

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Can I add my social media profiles to my website?

Yes and we strongly recommend that you do this to help your site attract more visitors.

Please refer to our Best Practice document for more information.

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Do you offer SEO support?

We do not specialise in providing Search Engine Optimisation support. However, there are plenty of providers out there to give you advice.

Please refer to our 'Thinking About SEO' document for more information.

We continue to support our Web Brain customers with monthly 'Whats New' and 'Hints and Tips' advice.

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