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What is the Lead Management platform?

The lead management system is a platform that retrains and allows you to manage your Mortgage Brain online tools. This includes managing your leads, creating or editing your Best Buy criteria settings and the resetting of your password.

Your login details to your management system are issued by the Web Brain team, which are sent to you via email, following the setup of your tools. Enter these into the relevant fields within the log in screen to access to your account.

When you login, by default, the system will display your leads section.

There are several options within the management system, which are illustrated in the screenshots below, together with a description of each section documented to guide you through using the platform.

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Managing Leads

New Lead: The system will notify you of any new lead generated from your online tools via an email.

The management platform is defaulted to show ‘New’ leads when you first login.

All client data, contact details, search criteria and product, will be included within the lead details (if the client clicked on the enquire button directly from the product listing).

In order to open up the lead information and contact the customer, click the Details link in the last column.

The screenshot below gives you an example of how the lead information appears

Once you have made contact with the lead, you can then move them into either your Pending, Archive or Completed folders. Alternatively, you can delete the enquiry.

You have the ability of exporting the lead details into PDF, Word, Excel or a CSV format. This means that, if you have a back office platform, you can import the data directly into your preferred system.

You have the ability to email the client directly from this screen. To do this, simply click on the email address. This will automatically open up an email for you to send.

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Creating your static best buy Table

Mortgage Brain have now created your tools and it is time for you to configure your own unique Best Buy results table.

You will have to run this process in order for the live products to actively update to your tool. Please see instructions below.

Click the Create New Static Best Buy Table button to access the settings.

When you create your new table, you have the option to present the results by Mortgage Purpose – or by Initial Rate Period.

The Description is used for internal use only, as you may want to have more than one table. Please note that only one table is active at a time on your site.

Mortgage Purpose – If you want your table to allow the consumer to look at purchase types, for example, Remortgage, Moving Home, First Time buyer.

Initial Rate Period – If you want your table to allow the consumer to look at product period rates, for example 2 year products, 3 year products or 5 year.

Please see example of how the table looks based on Mortgage Purpose.

Click Save and Configure.

It is now time to configure the criteria settings that the results use, in order to automatically update the live products each morning to your table.

By default, you will have three description options. Remortgage, Home Mover and First Time Buyer.

Start by clicking Generate on your chosen purpose.

This will open up the sourcing function that generates the best buy results to your online tools. Please follow the steps by entering your chosen criteria and filters.

  1. The system is automatically set to your chosen mortgage purpose.

  2. You can set to House or Flat.

  3. Set your mortgage criteria of property value, loan amount and mortgage term.

  4. Set the calculations to Repayment or Interest Only.

  5. For buy-to-let searches.

  6. Next step

  1. Joint applicant – if you would like the results to be sourced on a joint application.

  2. Clients age, employment status and salary

  3. Set up Adverse credit results – if you would like to include Adverse products

  4. Generate results

You will be presented with 3 table options, 2 year, 3 year or 5 year products. You have the option at the bottom of these displays to choose what product term you wish to display on your site.

Repeat the process with all the mortgage description options.

Adding a new product description: If you would like to include more source results, such as a best buy’s for buy-to-let products or Adverse. To add a new mortgage description to your active table, click the Add New Results Table.

Enter the description title and the order of where you would like the table within the dropdown menu.

You then follow the steps for entering your criteria for this product description.

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Changing the criteria of your static best buy table

If/when you want to change the criteria of the mortgage descriptions or criteria within your table, you will need to login to your Lead Management Platform.

Click into Configure link

Click into Generate link on your chosen product description.

You will then need to go through the above process to set your new results.

Editing the title notes for the product description: If you would like to amend the notes that are displayed within the table for each product description.

Click the Edit link to make changes.

This section allows you to change the description title, the order and the displayed notes, as seen below;

Below is an example on how the notes are displayed on the results table.

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Main table settings

This section allows you to configure the visuals of the table. For example, the title of your table, the number of products displayed in the table, and how the products are ordered.

You can also set what columns are visible and in what order.

Ensure you tick the Active box and remember to Click and Save for your table set up/changes to take effect.

You can Save and Preview the tables direct for the settings. Once you are happy you can click Save and Close.

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How to monitor your website hits for the tools

The Web Log section allows you to look at unique hits on your best buy and sourcing tools and allows you to understand the hits on the tools. You can export the report into a CSV file.

Click the Web Log button.

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How to change your password

To avoid any risk of security, we strongly recommend that, following receipt of your login details, and in the event that you need a password change from us in the future, you login and change your system created password.

Choose the Change Password button.

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