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Case Queries.

If you have a case query, we firstly recommended that you login to your account and open up your case via the Instructed Case tab.

Select the chosen instruction and click into the Communication section to raise your query with the solicitor. Whether that is chasing for an update or notifying the solicitor of a change.

Our solicitors are tied to a service level agreement to reply to your communication with 24/48 hours.

This will add to your audit trail of the instruction and can help if a query needs to be escalated by the Conveyancing Brain support team.

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How do I raise a complaint on a Instruction / Solicitor?

If there is any escalation required then the Conveyancing Brain team can handle this directly with the introducer and conveyancer.

Please contact the support team on

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How do I leave feedback on an Instruction / Solicitor?

Once a case completes we ask you to leave feedback on the service of the instruction. You will receive an email notification prompting you to login to your account to leave the feedback.

  1. Login to your account via

  2. Click into the Leave Feedback tab

  3. Complete the feedback questions and leave your comments.

  4. Click Submit

Your feedback will then be available on any ongoing quotes for introducers to view.

Your clients will also receive the same request and by logging into the Client Portal, they will be able to leave their own feedback for ongoing quotes to view.

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