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What is the Conveyancing Brain plug-in?

The Conveyancing Brain plug-in is a free iFrame that can be added to your website, allowing website visitors to quote for a conveyancer and instruct direct from your website. The plug-in is designed to add functionality and value to your website.

What is an iFrame? - An iFrame is a window that you can drop into your website which will show another website.

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How to set up your plug-in?

  1. Login to your Conveyancing Brain account via

  2. Click into the Plug-in tab.

  3. Configure your plug-in using each tab setting;

    1. Colours

    2. Miscellaneous

    3. Tracking

    4. CSS

  4. Click Save Settings

  5. Click into the Plug-in Code tab to obtain the code required by your web designer, in order to embed into your website page.

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Setting your referral fee's for the plug-in

To set your referral fees for plug-in instructions. Go to the Account/ Settings – click Programme preferences. This allows you to set your fees, click Update Details.

You will receive this referral fee on any instructed cases via your website.

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How does the plug-in look?

Here is an example of how the plug-in looks once embedded into a website page.

Results display:

View of Quotation for consumer:

You will receive notification of any cases that are instructed via your website, via email in the same way as you do when you instruct. These instructions will go straight into your Instructed Cases section and allow you to keep track on the progress.

You will be also kept informed via email on all cases.

Click here to view the plug-in within a live environment.

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