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What is a Cashback Remortgage Quote?

The Cashback Remortgage Quotes is a great alternative for those cases where a cash back deal can be used instead of the lenders Free Legals.

Using Conveyancing Brain to instruct any cashback deal cases will give you and your client the benefits of the communication tools, offering an integrated service and at the same time earning a referral fee.

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How to quote and instruct a Cashback Remortgage?

  1. Login to your Conveyancing Brain account via

  2. Click into the 'Get Quotes' tab

  3. Select your chosen product from the Cashback Remortgage options listed.

  4. Complete required questions, selecting the cashback amount.

  5. Click Request Quotes.

  6. Click on the Eye icon to view the full quote including Terms and Conditions.

  7. You can download a copy of the quote, email to the client of Instruct directly from here.

  8. Click Instruct when ready and simply complete the form to submit.

We recommend that you always review the General Terms & Conditions on the illustration as processes may vary per solicitor.

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Can I earn a referral fee for Cashback instructions

Yes, you can earn on any cashback instructions you place via Conveyancing Brain. These are different to the standard system referral fees.

You can view the referral fee bandings within the results page on any cashback remortgage option.

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Does my client need to pay any fee's upfront?

Each solicitor varies. A fee could be required to start the conveyancing work and will cover any third party costs (disbursements) e.g. Search Indemnity Insurance which are non-refundable. Where a Lender provides the cashback directly to the Solicitor, the client will be refunded on completion.

Please refer to the Terms and Conditions of the illustration provided on your quote.

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Will the Lender provide the cashback directly to the Solicitor?

Mortgage Lenders differ in how they pay the cashback. Some will pay the Solicitor the funds directly, whilst others will pay the client directly (often after completion).

Please refer to our 'How and When is Cashback paid' userguide for more information on each lenders processes.

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