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In this guide:

New User Registration

  1. Visit to register your interest.

  2. Click on the 'Register Today' button. Complete the form.

  3. Your account will be created and your login details will be issued via email.

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Logging In

Click on the 'Log In' button. Using your Email address and Password and click on the blue ‘Submit’ button to gain access.

You are now logged into your account. Use your account to generate quotes, access case progress reports and much more.

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Account / Settings

Click on Account Settings, to make any amendments to your account set up.

  1. Change Password

  2. Office / Bank details

  3. Programme Preferences

  4. Admin Access

  5. Add a Solicitor

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Change Password

We recommend that you change your password upon your first login. Click on Account Settings, and choose Change Password.

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Adding/Amending Account Details including Bank Details

Click on Account Settings, and choose Office/Bank Account Details.

This section allows you to amend your personal details and add your bank details. In order to receive your referral fee by BACS, you will need to add your details. Once complete, please click on ‘Update details’.

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Programme Preferences - Amending referral fees and communication settings

Your account is set to a default of £100 referral fee which is included in every quote. You may wish to change this. Change your referral fee by clicking on Account Settings, Programme Preferences.

You can set your fee from £0 to £400 and according to type of transaction as shown in the next illustration.

You can also set a different referral fee for any referral cases via your website on the same page on the right hand side.

You can also set your default verification option and communication preferences under Programme Preferences. Within the Misc. Settings section, on the left hand side you will see a list of options where you can select your preferred preferences.

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Adding your own solicitor

Sometimes, clients will insist on seeing a conveyancer in person and proactively search their local area to do so, and instruct a firm themselves. This means without the option of a local firm to refer to, you are cut out of the process (no referral fees and unable to talk to the solicitor on the client’s behalf). We can provide a solution to this - you can add a firm of your choice to your individual panel on Conveyancing Brain.

With permission from the said firm they will appear in the results of any applicable quotations created by you and allowing you to instruct cases to them using our portal.

We would offer the use of our software to the said firm, meaning you can utilise our functionality in addition to working with them (e.g. case tracking, communication, feedback and all our usual functionality) and we will pay your referral fee as normal on the day of case completion.

How to add your own solicitor:

  1. Log in to your account on and click on Account/Settings dropdown arrow. Select ‘Add A Solicitor’

  2. An introduction page and instructions will appear explaining the 3 simple steps

  3. Once checks are carried out and your own solicitor has accepted the invitation they will appear in your panel and quotes.

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How to generate a quote.

Conveyancing Brain allows you to obtain Residential/BTL and Commercial quotes.

Click on Get Quotes and choose from Residential/BTL Quote including Bridging Finance, Cash Back Re-Mortgage, Cash Back Re-Mortgage BTL or Transfer of Equity. Commercial quotes offer Sale, Purchase and Re-Finance.

Example used below is for a purchase:

Type in the purchase price, postcode, number of applicants, tenure and lender if known. By adding the lender, the results will only source solicitors that are able to act on behalf of the lender.

For non-standard purchases you have several options that you can apply to the quote.

You can choose to specify what ID will be submitted to streamline the process even further.

Click Request Quotes to see results.

Results are ranked by lowest Total Cost. Scroll over the View to see more details of the law firm. You can view customer feedback, this includes both Introducer and Client comments.

Solicitors that do not quote will be listed below, presenting a reason as to why they are unable to act.

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Viewing Quotes

Click the Eye icon for a further breakdown of the quote and illustration from your results.

Example of an illustration:

You can save the quote as a downloadable PDF or alternatively email direct to your clients, choosing to hide to solicitors name if you wish.

The quote will automatically save for 21 days and is placed in your Saved Quotes.

Please refer to this section for more information.

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How to place an instruction

To submit your instruction, you will just need to enter your clients details, address and contact details.

If you are charging a broker fee, you can request that the solicitor collects this on your behalf upon completion along with funds. Click Yes and complete fields as required if you want this paid by the Solicitor.

You have the ability to send any comments to your chosen solicitor, this will be made available to your client to read as part of the case tracking facility. You can add your notes to the Initial Matters section.

Once completed, you are ready to click on Place Instruction.

Confirmation will be sent via email to yourself and clients, including next step instructions.

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Viewing Instructed Cases

Once the Solicitor has been instructed and your case has been accepted you can view via the Instructed Cases tab.

Instructed Cases section provides a summary of the instruction, including your case handler, communications, case tracker and documents.

Click on the eye icon to view the instruction details.

The instruction details include, summary of the case, including your case handler details. The copy of the original illustration, the communication portal, case documents and case progress.

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Case tracking/Manage Pipeline

You can track the progress of your cases 24/7 under the Instructed Cases tab. Click into the Case Progress tab, within your instruction details.

Key stages can be set by your Solicitors (and may vary) but it is important to give your Solicitors flexibility to set their own especially if they want to integrate the key stages with their CMS.

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Viewing Saved Quotes

Click the Saved Quotes tab to view any quotes that you have produced. All quotes are saved for up to 21 days.

From here, you can view the original illustration, instruct the case, edit the original quote or delete.

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Viewing the Solicitor panel

Click on the Solicitors Tab to view the Solicitors on our panel.

You can disable any firms, which will remove them for your results. Please click on the 'Live' action in the status column, this will then change to 'Disable'. If you wish to revert back click disable to amend back to live.

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Viewing Payments

To see payments made to you for your referral, click on the Reports drop down arrow and select Payment History.

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Help / Library

You can access the comprehensive user guides, customer leaflets and useful marketing documents under Library:

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