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Affordability Brain Integration

Key users can now open Affordability Brain directly from within the client Fact Find, with the documentary evidence of the research carried out in Affordability Brain returned as a document to the client file.

The integration is currently only available for Purchase, First Time Buyer or Remortgage cases that are not Shared Ownership.

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Enabling the Integration

The Affordability Brain integration is enabled through the Setup > Integration > Local PC Settings screen.

Figure 1: Enabling the Affordability Brain Integration

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Launching Affordability Brain

Affordability Brain is launched from the fact find in the same way as other mortgage sourcing integrations. Click on the Mortgage Sourcing button and select Affordability Brain from the list of integrations. Click OK to start the integration.

Figure 2: Launching the Affordability Brain Integration

The integration will then open.

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First Run

When first launched, the integration will carry out several checks to assess whether the user is a current customer of Mortgage Brain sourcing and/or Criteria Brain. The user will be required to register for the Affordability Brain service if they do not have an existing Criteria Brain account. After the initial integration process, users will follow the normal operation process below.

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Normal Operation

Affordability Brain will open in a browser window. Upon opening, the integration will present a summary of the pre-population that has taken place.

Scroll to the bottom of this list and click the Continue button.

Affordability Brain will then display a checklist of data that is required for the full affordability check.

Complete the application details, and then use the Next button to move onto the Select Lenders section. Note that each section has its own dedicated help screen accessible through the purple bar on screen.

Either all or a subset of lenders can be selected to run the affordability check on.

Any excluded lenders (based on the application details) are listed in step 3. Move to step 4 and click on the Calculate button to start the assessment.

The affordability checks will take some time, with progress shown on screen for each lender. Once complete, a set of results will be shown.

Below the results is a button to send the data back to the originating Mortgage Brain system, in this case The Key.

Figure 10: Return Results to The Key

This will open a new page confirming that the system is returning the data. Once complete, the following screen will be displayed.

Figure 11: Return Data Confirmation

As noted above, at this point the browser window can be closed. The user will be returned to the client’s Fact Find screen in The Key. The Affordability Brain document will be available in Client > Documents.

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Submissions Brain Updates

Some updates have been applied to the Submissions Brain integration with The Key:

  • (28017) If a product has been sourced from Mortgage Brain, then only forms from that lender will now be displayed within the Submissions Brain tab

  • (32130) If an application form has been archived in Sumissions Brain, the Edit and Convert buttons are now disabled within the Submissions Brain tab

    • If the form is subsequently unarchived, the Edit and Convert buttons are available once more

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Fact Find Updates

An update has been applied to the Commitments table that is shown in Fact Find > Financials.

A new column has been added to the table that reflects whether the commitment will be repaid before the new mortgage starts. This value is recorded as part of the commitment detail.

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Other Enhancements

  • Client > Fact Find: Resolved issues associated with date fields in the fact find when the field is accessed from users in different time zones (31020)

  • Product Details > Mortgage: Corrected display issue relating to the ‘information’ icon associated with age at end of term data (29084)

  • MortgageBrain Sourcing: Correction applied to the population of BTL total properties and total borrowing (29458 and 29463)

  • Submissions Brain Integration: Increased the number of fields saved back to The Key database (31197)

  • Setup > General > Online – Email Templates: Corrected issue that could create a duplicate HTML template even if no changes were made (29937)

  • Reports > Ad Hoc: Settings in User Restrictions are now available in Ad Hoc within Others > Users (29919)

  • Notes: Resolved issue where the editor of a note was identified by their user name rather than first name and surname (29292)

  • Admin > Diary: Removed potential duplication of apostrophes in appointments entries created within The Key’s diary module (29405)

  • Remortgage Savings Module > HTML Email: Can now amend the template to a different calculator on the Mortgage Brain website rather than the UKMortgages calculator – simply replace with if required

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